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30-Days of Watercolors

Day 28- Transportaiton

My green dutch bike with a flat back tire.


Color Chart Day!!!


Day 26: GO Somewhere New

This is a picture sitting at the fire pit at Eldon Farms in Woodville, VA looking back at one of the old barns that had the roof recently repainted.


Day 25: Old Things

This is a picture of the old reigns from the MSU judging pavilion in 1938. I work on campus and I have never stopped to look at these before but have always noticed why they were there and what they represented. The sun was coming down and projecting a shadow of the reigns on the wall the pillar they are mounted on.


Day 24: Furniture

The back of a red Eames fiberglass chair on rockers. I want this chair in my office.


Day 23: Everyday activity of people

THis is a friend of mine that is in the process of converting his 2 acre wood lot into prarie for goats. He is always there with a chainsaw and a fire going so I tried to capture that moment.


Day 22: Texture

This is the ceiling in the auditorium at the National Academy of Sciences in DC. While it was more a unique pattern I felt that it was also a large texture that enabled the sound to resonate the way that it did throughout the auditorium. The ceiling was shades of gray and I have trouble blending my paints to get varying shades of gray.


Day 21: Desserts

This is a piece of carrot favorite dessert. I think I drew it somehwat lopsided though.


Day 20: Patterns

This is the front garden at the National Academy of Science in DC. It has not filled in yet and I like the pattern in the garden (can't wait to see it full of life). THis is the front half of the pattern looking down.


Day 19: Accessories

A necklace my dad brought me home from Uganda. It is a red and orange glass speckled piece hanging off multiple pieces of cord.


Day 18: bag

Day 17: Flowers

Green flowering tobacco plant. It is an annual that hummingbirds really love.


Day 16: Animal

This is my dog Opie sitting in front of a large rock on the farm that we just carved his name in. He is a goldendoodle and I found it difficult capturing the curliness in his hair/fur.


Day 15: Stranger

Sitting at the bagel shop and this fellow was siting in front of me. I don't like sketching strangers....I found it creepy spying on others.


Day 14: Sketching Materials

This is my little travel Windsor & Newton watercolor set...I also have a pen and spray bottle but forgot to sketch them:)


Day 13: Family

THis is a picture of my partner balancing in the old window well of a dealpitated stone house from the early 1800's.


Day 12: Collectables

This is an antique fork and spoon. I like to collect vintage reveals so much on our eating behaviors as a society. I had trouble getting the "shine" of the spoon. It was gold/bronze in color and I don't know how to capture the metalicness with watercolors.


Day 11: Vegetable

My rendeition of two eggplants. I used a larger brush that I have never used before and found it easier to get the variability in the purple shade.


Day 10: Appliance

This is an old wine key made out of wood and metal and laying on it's side.


Day 9: Clothes

THis is a black and white picture of "Sistah" Caroline Terry. SHe was born a slave and worked at the Sperryville Hotel during the civil war. Since she gained her freedom and was able to establish her own business after the war I imagined what her dress looked like (color wise) based on what would have been available to her at the time.


Day 8: Shoes

These are my favorite red Toms. I drew/painted the picture of my left foot crossed over my right knee looking down. The only parts taht were difficult for me to capture were the mud stains on my I left them out.


Day 7: Drink

This is a cup of coffee from iHop that I had the other morning. I had trouble with the curves of the handle and the lipstick stain on the cup that I made.


Day 6: Book

This is a cover a Poetry Magazine at the house. It is an egg in a nest on a vine.


Day 5: Fruit

This is a picture of papaya. I feel it might look better without the sketching.


Day 4: Building

THis is a picture of my chiclen coop in my backyard. There is a bamboo fence to the right of the coop and a wire fece to the left. It was somewhat dificult for me to capture the screen doors and wall because the grid is really tiny. So I made the mesh walls bigger.


Day 3: Lunch or Dinner

This is a picture of my lunch. I had pasta. It was difficult for me to get the different effects of the chunky sauce in this picture. Next time I will eat something simple that is easier for me to paint:)


Day 2: Paint a tree

THis is a tree outside of my office window. I live in MI and there is lots of snow outside. I don't know how to paint white to get the snow effect with watercolors it is hard to see the snow resting on the limbs.


Day 1: Sketch a tree

THis is a self portrait I drew during my lunch break at work. Instead of a mirror I used the camera on the computer and gave myself bug eyes. When I showed in to my co-worker he said I got my hair right but the rest was way off.



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