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30 Days of Joy

This session is a thing a joy. Giving myself permission to sketch for 15 or so minutes every day will be special, as my life is chaos at the moment. I'm looking forward to every day of this session.

I should say from the get-go that my gift is not in the sketching or painting field of art. Looking at the projects, I'm reluctant to post my scribbles. I'm a writer, a performer, a crafter and more but when I see something in my head and try to transfer it to paper with a brush or pen or pencil, it just doesn't get there.

BUT - Here goes.

Day 1


I really like my Prismacolor Verithin pencils but sometimes they aren't as bright as I wish. This was supposed to be an array of fall colors in a falling motion with the leaves also falling. I just happen to love my Pilot parallel pens so I grabbed up one to add a title.

Day 2


Also done with the Verithin pencils.

Day 3


True colors.

When I read this prompt, my thoughts left the leaves and thought about my true colors. I'm a purple person. This is a blend of watercolor and acrylic. I started with the dark bluish purples and worked my way through into more redish tones, representing a full range of my moods.

Day 4


When I saw the words "hay" and "horses" my mind immediately jumped to the years I spent in barns. This was done with a plain #2 pencil and accented with ink for the cat's markings and the mane and a pencil spot of color for the hay bale and the straw in the shedrow.

 At this point I'm having more trouble finding time (and patience) to get on the computer and upload my sketches than actually doing them. 

Day 5

I pondered the "feast for heart" rather than feast for stomach for a while. Yesterday was a beautiful day after lots of clouds so I feasted on the view of nature from my back door. The sun's rays were so bright and welcome that when I finished I splashed the whole sketch with yellow streaks and blurs to symbolize the brilliance of the day.



Day 6

Bonfire = Pep Rally to me. The cheerleader pompom in the foreground is in the local school colors.


Day 7

"Home" sent me to the heart thought.


Things that make a home feel like home.

Day 8

Gathering had so many options, most of which required far more drawing talent than I possess, so I opted for a gathering of colors and swirled them in the center "gathering."


Day 9

I've decided the hardest part of this session is finding time to get on the computer and upload my daily sketches. I'm not behind on sketches but on uploading. In fact, I'm enjoying this so much that I've made a list of holiday topics to continue a sketch a day in December.


I love to throw anything and everything in when I cook. I immediately thought of that kind of season.

Day 10


Once again, outside the box. I hate being cold so I used the relax definition for chill. The beach is one of the best chillin' spots.

Day 11


After struggling with watercolor and arcrylics, I went back to pencil. I once had a toy teapot with little pink blossoms and fake gold trim. Here's a tribute to it. And my mind has been playing that song over and over ever since this idea occurred to me!!!!

Day 12


Apples in my favortie form - PIE. I went back to my favorite medium, a plain pencil and paper, for this. I added a splash of color - which definitely did not photograph the same color as in life -for a red delicious apple to show the pie is not peach or cherry. The apple looks like a misshapen grape on this page but it's deep red on my sketchpad.

Hope I won't have so many sketches piled up when I open the computer to upload

Day 13 

Like I said, getting pictures of sketches posted is the biggest challenge.


These are sweet gum leaves. I grew up in a neighborhood that was previously a sweet gum forest. In the fall the leaves changed every color except brown. They were beautiful, much more so than this bland drawing shows. I love them.

Day 14


Color wasn't exactly as I wanted on this one either.

Day 15


Freshly knit socks. The needles are still stuck in the ball of yarn.

Day 16


I'm not sure why my reds show of purple when I snap a photo and post. These are RED in my sketchbook.

Day 17

Sorry. Family is not a good word for me this holiday season. Don't ask. I tried to come up with something impersonal like the world family or stick figures such as people put on their cars but this is it. No finished product. No details.


Day 18

Once again, days away from the computer. Wish I could upoad using phone app.

Couldn't resist using two types of "park."


Day 19

My spice cookies are popular because I add so many extra spices. They look and taste much better than this drawing of them.


Day 20


Pumpkin pie. Only during the fall holidays for me.

Day 21


I did think about the song we sang as kids about the little cabin in a woods with the little man rescuing the rabbit, but one thing on my bucket list is to live at the beach. A nice little A-frame by the sea sounds marvelous. Here's a pencil sketch of my "dream cabin."

Day 22


Had planned to use watercolors to make them softer but light in that room went out. No replacement bulbs on hand and no other place in house for watercolor.

Day 23


When I saw "still" a moonshine still popped into my head and I couldn't shake it. My favorite tools - pencil and pad.

Day 24


I allow myself 30 minutes per sketch and in that time I never did get the image in my head onto the paper. I'm really not very good at this.

Day 25


You said, a selfie! Earrings and all. : )

Day 26 


Nothing brings warmth to the room better than a wood fire. Christmas decorations add some heart-warming.

Day 27


Silver lame' evening coat with black faux fur trim.

Day 28


A tribute to the little red lantern I had as a child.

Day 29


A little cartoon heart, full to bursting with happiness.

Day 30


I call this "Praise at Dawn." 

As I've sketched every day, I find that I prefer pencil, plain lead pencil, for sketching with just a little color added to give a brighter spot. That seems to be my "style," if my drawing can be said to have any kind of style. I actually like the feel of this last day's sketch, primitive though it may be.

Thanks, Ria, for a good class to help create a habit of daily sketching.


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