30 Days of Doodles (updated)

30 Days of Doodles (updated) - student project

So 30 days of code didn't work out, but I refuse to give up. I want to start drawing more so 30 days of doodles it is. Check back tomorrow if you want to see my first one. Thanks for the class Cynthia <3





[old challenge]

I'm choosing to do a coding challenge because I really want to brush up on my front end skills (and actually use my Codepen account). I think 30 days will be a good start for me and hopefully once that passes I'll keep it going!

As far as the coding goes, I'll be using HTML, CSS, and a sprinkle of JavaScript. My ultimate goal is to implement a few cool elements on my website, but also gain some valuable knowledge to do so on client sites as well.

My MVD will be to design a new coded element everyday whether it be a button styling or a quick little animation. I'm aiming for spending an hour each evening on this which will give me time to research and learn as well as practice.

To stay accountable I'll post a shot of my finished Pen on Instagram (@bashfulcreative), and also update here on Skillshare. Wahoo!

Wish me luck!


Day 1 (1/18/2017)

I decided to style some navigation today...mainly the hover effect. Learned a lot!

30 Days of Doodles (updated) - image 1 - student project

Click here to see it in action :P


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