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30 Days of Calligraphy

Day Seven

Just experimenting a bit with white ink and black paper. :)

Day Six

Day Five

I made a birthday card for my brother. Well, my calligraphy "skills" are still far away from perfect, but at least I am trying! Hope my brother (he's turning 18 tommorow!) will appreciate this (yeah, maybe I just could have bought some nice birthaday card with kittens;))

Day Four

Writing & writing.

Day Two & Three

Days of practicing alphabet and trying to compose words and symbols together. I had problems with paper - couldn't find the right one which will prevent ink blurring. I tried almost every paper, blocks and notebooks in my workroom. Finally I found the winner - my old, cheap IKEA notebook. Best option for my practicing. :) 

Day One

I started with simple shapes - lines, U, S, O - altough, writing letter O is still definitely not simple for me. I bought some special inks, like golden and white, to keep me motivated. When I get better with writing, I will use them for some special occasion.


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