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30-Day sketching challenge

Day 1: A selfportrait. OMG. But actually I didn't had all these difficult feelings as when I had when I was in highschool and we had to draw ourselves. I didn't spent very much time on it. I think maybe 5 minutes. And I was interrupted a few times, because I was sitting on the staircase in front of a mirror. To be honest I did 2 attempts. The first one, I drew myself much younger, And the second one.... hahaha



I'm a bit behind it seems. On day2, the tree-day, it was raining all day long. So sketching outside was not an option. So I tried a tree that I could see from my window. I was not totally happy with my sketch. So I tried another one, the day after, and another one. Because of the winter, no trees have leaves... and all these branches.. omg it feels like to difficult to me. My eye couldn't hold them. 
But on day 4 I tried to add some watercolour to my first sketch..  and although the ratios of the branches to the trunk are not right in this sketch, it looks like a tree 100 m futher away hahahaha. I had much fun playing with the watercolour. So that makes everything ok.


And another attempt of a tree. This is the one you see looking from my window.


Day 3... Very difficult to draw my warm lunch, because it will get cold. Well I found a solution. Sketching my pancake while it is still warm in the frying pan :)


Day 4.. Building, not yet.

Dag 5 Fruit The fruits of our season are apple and pear. I had difficulties not to eat the pear up, before finisching my sketching. He was perfect ripe to eat.
Maybe, if I have more time, I will add an sliced one. But for now I'm happy with the result. Specially the colour is well taken. It was also not a very difficult form. But hey, nobody said it had to be difficult all the time ;-) 


Day 6 a book
Day 7 a drink I'm not totally happy with the result. Also it looks like dirty water hahaha


Day 8 A shoe. I was sitting on my coach for a moment with my shoes on a calender... My eye fell on my shoes and I remebered the excersise we had to sketch for this 30-day-challenge... I had the luck that my sketchbook was on the sidetable next to the coach. I started right away because I didn't had all the time because of dinner time. So here is my boot.


Day 9 clothes
Day 10 appliance A blender, the upper part of it is too short.


Day 11 Vergetables. I love mushrooms


Day 12 Collections
Day 13 Family
Day 14 sketching materials
Day 15 a stranger
Day 16 an animal
Day 17 flowers
Day 18 a bag My first attempt... then I screwed up with adding to dark colours :/ 



Day 19 accessoiries
Day 20


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