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30 Day November Challenge

Day 30 - Giving thanks

Feeling really thankful for the last month! So, this is what it looked like to me...


Day 29 - Full

Spent a day thinking about the concept of full. This is what came out of it.


Day 28 - Lantern

Gelpen and Tombow. Simple 10 minute sketch.


Day 27 - Coat

I was thinking of drawing my favourite coat, but I changed my mind when I saw someone post a drawing of a coat of paint... That in combination with Black Friday, well...


Day 26 - Warmth

I loved the experiment with the colored pencils (see 'Still'). So with this prompt I did it again.


Day 25 - Hat

Loose sketch in pencil. Inspired by the song... Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home.


Day 24 - Snuggle

Simple snuggling. Pentel brush.


Day 23 - Still

Today I did something completely different: I used color pencils and a Gelly Roll pen. This is what still looks to me. I love the effect it has, depending on the angle you look at it.


Day 22 - Scarf

First a few sketches with dip pen and Indian ink, and then a more elaborate sketch in my sketchbook, with the Kuretake Fude brushpen. It's turning out to be a real favorite...


Day 21 - Cabin

I'd like a cabin in the woods, just like this one... A quick sketch with a Kuretake Fude brushpen.


Day 20 - Pie

I tend to switch between simple black-and-white brushpen drawings, and the use of hints of watercolor... 


Day 19 - Spice

I'm not sure salt is a spice, but this one is combined with pepper and little bits of chili. I'm currently addicted to it. Drew this one out with my Uniball Signo 0.38 gelpen, and found out while using a splash of watercolour that this particular pen is not waterproof. But I love the effect!


Day 18 - Park

I fell a bit behind, so on day 18 I did two sketches, after a long and relaxing day at the sauna, on my own. I started out with some scribbles and thoughts about what I would draw, and sketched it out at home. 10 minutes scketch, with watercolours and Pilot Vpen M.


Day 17 - Family


Day 16 - Boots


Day 15 - Sock(s)

I really like bold, quirky lines made with a brushpen. There is something extremely simple and rewarding to draw an outline in black, without too much detail. A sock is a sock is - in this case - a lonely sock...


Dag 14 - Acorn


Day 13 - Leaves

Too little energy, too little time. Quick 5 minute sketch with brush pen.


Day 12 - Apple

It makes me wonder what makes an apple an apple... So I decided to break it down in this sketch. Sakura Pigma Micron 02 and oil pastels.


Day 11 - Tea

A quick one this time. Pentel brushpen.


Day 10 - Chill

Didn't know what to sketch, so I took a different apporach. Colour, lines, lettering with Koi brushpens.


Day 9 - Season

My favourite season is definately summer. I gave this sketch some thought, started with some watercolours to paint a radiant sun (didn't turn out as I hoped) and got inspired by a fellow sketchartist and drew some summer-y items with Indian ink and a dip pen).


Day 8 - Gathering

Sometimes you have to accept that not everything wil turn out the way you imagine... This one certainly didn't. But I learned something nonetheless. It's okay to make mistakes. Watercolour, indian ink and dip pen.


Day 7 - Home

Pentel Brush pen and Sakura Pigma Micron 02


Day 6 - Bonfire



Day 5 - Feast

Who says a feast can't be festive in black and white?


Day 4 - Hay

What?! Hay? What am I going to sketch...? Well, I took the opportunity to try out some different techniques. And I loved the outcome.


Day 3 - Colors

I love colors. To look at. Not to use in my sketchbook. That's what I learned today. Not only am I a fast sketching type of girl, I'm also a black-and-white lover. Thats why I love ink, I suppose. I didn't share my sketch of the day on Instagram, because, well... I disliked my sketch of the day. But here it is anyway...


Day 2 - Gourds

Had to look up what 'gourds' were, I had NO idea. I believe that taking an interest in what you (wish to) draw adds to the beauty of the process and the end result. It's like studying the subject closely, with attention. But I'm a fast sketching type of sketcher, so I stick to one of my favourite tools: the brushpen. This one is made with a Pentel GFK Color Brush #101.


Day 1 - Fall

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). I enjoyed a very inspiring exhibition of Keith Harings work, and on a stroll in a park nearby later today I spotted some beautiful leaves. Thats what fall is about for me... I experimented with a different approach to colour and lines. That's what sketchbooks are for ;-)


So happy to have started already... I bought some gouache a few months ago, and haven't used them yet. So I didn't give much thought to it, and fired myself up. This is the result of a 10 minute sketch.



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