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Here you have my story. I hope you could give me some advice so that I can improve it. Please be tough.Thanks a lot!


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Some time ago I used to go to a huge cinema provided with plenty of theaters. Nearly always along with a friend of mine and my sister in law.

Ocasionally we did this little trick: we went to the cinema early in the afternoon, and paying just for one ticket, we watched 2 or 3 films in a row, which was obviously forbbiden.

It was as simple as we managed to find 3 films in the timetable (in order to avoid overlaping) and just when the previous movie had finished, we rapidly moved to the next thather.

Actually the staff difficultly could notice, because once you had entered in the cinema showing your ticket, nobody asked you if you got into the wrong gate.

We had already watched 2 films that evening, so we decided to get into a 3rd movie. Aparently it wasn't a good movie, but we didn't mind cause it was “free”!

When we sat in the theater the movie hadn't started yet, and 5 minutes later the lights were still on. It was in that moment when we realised that we were completely alone.

We were wondering what was going on when suddenly a girl from the stuff, who actually seemed quite shy, got closer and asked us:

-Sorry guys, but … have...have you got the tickets? -After an akward silence, my friend answered -Oh unfortuantely we throwed them in the rubbish bin just before getting into the theater.

Our faces looked red, but the girl, whose face looked far more embarrased than ours, said:

-Well... I... I have been told to close this theater because no tickets have been sold for this session -Having heard that, we three said at the same time -Ah ok, don't worry, we are living just now.

And faster than the wind we went out of the cinema and didn't do the trick again.

Jose Prats

1st Pass (kind of 40% complete)

I'm sorry just for not uploding the whole 1st pass. I am working in it and will upload it as soon as possible.

Help me if anything might be improved. THANKS!!!!

Thanks for watching!!



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