3 story ideas, which do you like

3 story ideas, which do you like - student project

1) A young man in his late twenties (or early thirties) lives with his girlfriend in a small sleeper town located on the Puget Sound. One day, after hearing about a sick family member in Colorado, he decides to visit them. His girlfriend has to work so he travels by train alone. Somewhere along the way, something happens and he loses his memory. He exits the train and leaves all his things aboard. For months his girlfriend has no contact with him, not knowing what happened and if he is still alive. One morning she watches a national morning show on TV and sees his picture. Still not having any memories about who he is, he moves back home into the house he shares with his girlfriend. My story starts here.

2) A story about a little girl who repairs other children's heart rocks. Told from a loose perspective much like how children picture books are presented. This story follows a young girl as she travels from child to child repairing their heart rocks. As the story unfolds we discover what heart rocks are and their significance.

3) A child narrates the story of a man who skins the backs of young children in order to harvest their salt. Through the progression of the story we see the man's habits and what fuels his work. (At this stage I can't say what the climax or resolution will be. This will be uncovered during the writing process.)


Thoughts, comments, complaints all welcome!!!

Jeff R