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Becky Prinn

Greeting Card Designer



3 shoes

As with one of the other students in this class, this is the first video that I've actually completed all the sections as I was immediately inspired after viewing the class.

First attempt was the patent shoes.  I like that I've managed to get some light and shade in, but they don't look as smooth as in real life. I also forgot to outline the shoe first and I think this has an effect on the final as it's jaged around the edges.


Next up was the sequins, I really liked the simple effect used to create the sequins.  The shoes were a soft peach pink and I found this tone difficult to create with the watercolours I have.  I think my original drawing of the side view was inaccruate and this shows in the final.


Finally the suede shoes, these might be my favourite as the light and dark works quite well.


Any suggestions on how to improve my work would be welcomed.  I haven't used watercolours for years and could really do with some tips!

Thank you!


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