3 minutes of ideas

3 minutes of ideas - student project

1. A migratory bird describes the changes that happen to the summer location during the time away, over the course of several years: changes to the landscape, to the food, the nesting places and the other inhabitants, mostly the humans. Environmental storytelling, tongue-in-cheek humour and non-romantic perspective on human life and the impact of humans on the environment.


2. A young man skips stones on a lake. He is surprised to discover that he can skip any kind of stone, not just the flat ones. It takes him many more stones and many more lakes to understand that he has a talent for manipulating surface tension - a seemingly useless superpower, until that day when the dyke broke. 


3. Ash earns her meager living in the back room of a small town computer repair shop. Life has no particular ups and downs, it's mostly different shades of what-is-the-effing-point. Her day-to-day consists mostly of removing Chihuahua-sized clumps of dust from the insides of computers of the technologically challenged, stuffing more RAM into the machines of Esports admirers and wannabe athletes and selling SSDs to men without wedding rings, needing more storage for family photos. When her boss gets arrested for driving under the influence, his brother takes over. Ash is less than impressed with the new guy's activism, especially when he orders her to clean up the bins of broken parts and discarded, outdated tech. Looking for an easy way out of this one, Ash dumps all parts into the trunk of her rusty station wagon - proper recycling of electronics was a problem for future Ash. But when the car is stolen and turns up in an unlikely place, the electronic scrap disappears and a strange, new shop opens in town, Ash's problem takes on a whole new dimension of annoying.