3 in one.

3 in one. - student project

Picking up images for this project made me realise I'm very careful about the color. So here's the first one I will tackle with.

3 in one. - image 1 - student project
Green and earthy colors draw me the most. It brings the organic calmness I supose.
I see that they can be a great background to those splashes of oranges, pinks or reds and help to emphasise particular element of the design.
I definately will be more observant as nature comes up with most wonderful combinations.
Credits:David Stark Design and Production; unknown; NASA.

3 in one. - image 2 - student project

 Line is very important to me. Those meticulous lines of Moebius and Gorey make me feel cack-handed and too impatient, but as I practice I see my hand is more and more capable of such detailed work.
In the same time I kept on loving bold firm lines and calligraphy style controlled chaos. They bring the emotions I would like to find in my future artwork.
Credits:Edward Gorey; Moebius; Manuel Viola.

3 in one. - image 3 - student project

 In all those three examples you can see the hierarchy, you get the punctum right away. RK's photography although it's full of details almost chaotic scene is balanced by the dimed colors and symetric structure with tree in it's focal point.
Edi Hila painting is so simple that the emphasis on the house is obvious, but the overwhelming jungle around it brings out the emotions for me and is unexpected puntctum.
Waldemar Swierzy poster combines everything I would like to once achive. Boldness of the lines, limited color selection and perfect yet simple emphasis on the face.
Credits: Edi Hila; RK; Waldemar Świerzy.

Summing up, I would like to use color wisely and to stroke with my brush bravely ;)