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3 ideas for a short film


"Repair" is the story of Isaac, an introverted teen, and his mother Sela who together, leave the cold, rundown city Detroit, Michigan. Escaping a life of physical and mental abuse, Justin and Sharon hope that the small town of Reynoldsburg, Ohio will grant them a new beginning. While trying to embark on this new journey, they soon realize that there are still unresolved problems between the two of them. Although Justin's step-father is no longer in the picture, the vivid memories of his abuse remain.Repair is the story of reestablishing love between a mother and son. This journey is muddled with self doubt, self-blame, bitterness, anger, and sometimes forgiveness.


This is a mockumentary that follows James Wexler,  an easy going struggling actor for informercials. He's worked as an "after" actor in infomercials for years. After auditions, James spends his time at bars with his "after" actor friends (who hate "befores"). His wife Sarah is an ex infommercial groupie that suspects that James is loosing his touch and possibly cheating. James drops things around the house, and tries to hide it from Sarah. 

What no one knows is James secretly wants to be a "before actor". He takes classes under a master, "Before" actor named Chep Falcon who has been in the game your decades. He's famous for a late night viagra informercial. His fans (Mostly creepy elderly men ) call him the Daniel Day Lewis of Infomercials. Chep takes James under his wing and teaches him the ways of becoming an informercial method actor. Chep's life is filled with drugs, groupies, day drinking, and trashing hotels which challenges James' life as a perfectionist seeking relief and freedom to make mistakes.


During the broadcast of the Apollo 11 moonlanding, An African American couple have a conversation about life, love, and faith during the moon landing. The conversation ends with a brick thrown through the window into the house. A car speeds off as an unknown man yells, nigger.


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