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3 hours trial and error

For over 5 years work as illustrator, I usually use manga studio ex 4 (photoshop just for coloring process)  for outlining and inking and mirror effect too. But, I do not particulary like with (too) clear lines, it's kinda not my style. So I just turn off the correction option to get the lines more realistic nd a little bit rough. And Manga and Photoshop's brushes have their own typhical, and I don't know how I still use manga studio than photoshop for inking >.<

And for this moment I have a free time to enjoy my holiday and explore my photoshop skills and I just find your class on Skillshare. In all units you give alot of informations that I don't know yet about make gradation effect and coloring in the selection area. Usually I coloring manualy under outline layer and than selection it for gradation area.

And this is what I have made about 3 hours work. And I just fell like "this is what I want!!". Before start this class I was make my own brush for inking and I don't know I'm just thinking to leave manga studio for awhile. If you can see the detail, there's some point that I don't work so well like hi-light pattern and some part that use gradations. I just enjoy the sketch process, inking and add some pattern. And hope you and all the students like with my project.

warm regards!


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