3 focal prints in 3 weeks

For part of this workshop, I was away on holidays and I had jet lag for a a few days and I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I did create 3 focal prints but I haven't made them into a collection yet or created any mockups. When I do create a collection, I will probably adjust the colour and placement of certain elements in the patterns. I did draw a few sketches but I haven't included them here as my designs came from experimenting with illustrator. My themes were Winter, Summer and the zoo. For the Winter and Summer Patterns, I rotated lines and shapes around a circle to create snowflakes and what were supposed to be suns but look like flowers. For the zoo pattern, I used the pen tool over a photo I took to get the motifs and I also used adode capture a little bit. If I build up the collections, I would like to add motifs that are a bit more fun.

Here are the words for my themes:

Summer: picnic, beach, relax, parks, play, sun, journey, happy, ice cream, cool drinks

Winter: Ice, snow, cool, ski, lodge, fireside, skating, blue, white, snowman

Zoo: Wild, fierce, animal, fur, family, adventures, trees, caves, habitat, terrain








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