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3 focal point -Updated with Focal Point Patterns & More :)


Here are the patterns I created with my inspiration boards.  I have learned that I love to create right in illustrator with the wacom tablet; my mind is free & my thoughts & hand flows better.  I would love feedback as I am new to all of this :).  Everyone is doing such beautifu designs!!  Thank you Bonnie, especially, for your clear & easy to follow instructions as well as your inspirational words. I would love for you to let me know how to tie the patterns together more or is it ok for your patterns in a collection to stay on theme, but depict other things, like the Daydream collection.  I love the genie bottle pattern & I love the pattern with the windows; they both remind me of daydreaming, but do not necessarily go together...is that ok?




Inspiration Boards:


This is the inspiration for Blossom: Infinite Love, Trees Peak, Blooming Flowers, Fruit of the Vine, Nature's Feast, Flying High, Growth, Beauty, Openness, Life


This is the Daydream Inspiration Board: Whispy, Dreamy, Wishes, gazing, Caught in Thought, Sunshine, happiness, Wonderland, Top of the Mountain, Relaxation


This is Splash Inspiration: Mermaids, sea creatures, bubbles, movement, crashing waves, fun, flowing water, ocean, sprinklers, hoses


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