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3 different window shots of daughter

Decided to try 3 shots.  My setup in this was using a Sony NEX 5N.  I don't seem to have Exposure Bracketing.  Only thing close was the exposure meter.  I wasn't focused too much on composition, I was more concerned about doing what the class is inteded for, which is window portraits.  I need more work but I wante to see if I get the concept or not.  Thanks to those who read and critique.  Aloha!

This is the full silhouette with editing in Lightroom.  I used a VSCO filter on this, changed it to B&W and then played with settings to get the full purpose of this shot.

Next is the Semi-Silhouette shot.  Instead of using full Auto, I went with Aperture Priority to get a little blur around her.  I did use Lightroom but only to choose a VSCO filter that I liked.  

Last is the back-lit window shot.  Not sure if I acheived what it's supposed to do.  I did do the settings teacher said to use.  Which was multi-metering and at ISO of 1600.  Did I achieve what I was supposed to in this? If not, what am I looking for?


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