3 days shooting

Hi Mariya!

Thanks for another nice and enjoyable class.

Lastly I´ve taken time to shoot few photos for the project.

At first to introduce shadows I took photo to the sky with dark clouds over the bay in front of the coworking where I work. The fall it´s coming, and I thought that It could be dramatic scene. It´s a pity the trash bin in the bottom in the sand, but I´ve not wanted to edit the photo.


Second, In motion, I´ve tried take a picture my crazy cat (called crazy cat, squirrel cat or ninja cat) I knew that taking her a photo I could caught the movement, but with pets is always too difficult :D


Here other try.


And finally a Black and White Photo that I´ve taken in a ruins when I was riding mountain bike.


Thanks again for your nice classes and I see/ write you in your class 12 common mistakes, I´m sure that I make many of them. I felt identify when you talked about the basic/ logical things that I should care about and I never do such as keep the len clean or keep the fingers away of the len when I shoot. :D

But in my opinion a couple of problems of mobile phone cameras are the position of the len which is where we have to hold the device with our hands in stead of the center of the body like in a camera, and non viewer to take photos when there is too much light. I know that technically are limitations too difficult to solve.

Best regards and see you soon.


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