3 card reading gone 7?

it started off with the two or swords and then i wanted to know what my choices were.  i couldn't understand what the devil and 10 of swords were talking about so i got more cards out and here we are...but what does this mean exactly?

2 of swords - need to make a choice

the devil - in this case i think it has to do with the ego based on the two and 10 of swords because they are connected to thoughts or things that are not tangible.  so ego...desire...

10 of swords - worry

2 of cups and 8 of pentacles - new relationship related to work

judgement and tower - being judged and destroyed? emotionally? or renew something that was broken?

so my choices are to go with what i want or worry about renewing something that is already broken?

how far am i from the actual meaning of this reading?
3 card reading gone 7? - image 1 - student project