3 blogs I find engaging

I find there are a few things, for me, that make a blog engaging and predominantly it is the look of the blog as a whole and the content i.e. topics that I am interested in and this last one will be different for everyone. But I do think in this time of people having 'busyitus'  keeping the text short and the layout simple and visually stimulating with photos is key.

This is a beautiful blog with the layout and photography and the blogs are kept short so you can dip in and out and if you want to read more there are links to follow. The content is always changing so you know something new and inspiring will be there to look at each week to keep you interested.

This blog is more basic but has the same clean feel with not too much going on but some great photos. I feel it is good for the blog to not be too 'busy' with background colours and extras as this detracts from what the blogger is trying to communicate - their thoughts and experiences.

This blog is wonderful as it is personal but touching for all the read and learn from. The story behind it speaks to the heart and many will identify with it and this is what makes it primarily engageing for people to follow. There is a lot of text but it is written as a heart warming letter with photos/pictures interpersed which break up the text well.


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