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3-Week Photography Workshop

Fredericksburg is a city of 10 square miles with ties to Native American, Colonial, Revolutionary and Civil War history. Beyond the history and architecture, the city has an abundance of natural beauty and a thriving downtown arts and culinary scene. I want to tell this story with my images.


Rapahannock River/Rappahannock River Heritage Trail - The trail is one of the most public places to view the river, which is key to the city's history and beauty. 

Downtown / restaurant or gallery - I want to shoot an artist or chef in one of downtown's restaurants or galleries. Need to narrow this down. While downtown, I also want to look for an image the represents the city's architectural heritage. 

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park - This multi-site park includes the grounds of the Battle of Fredericksburg and various memorials and cemeteries. I don't think any photo essay on Fredericksburg would be complete without an image from this park.





ISO 400 / 18mm / f22 / 15 sec



This is the Washington Avenue Mall, one of the most iconic residential areas of Fredericksburg. I am discovering that I love to shoot in really low light. The problem is, the best times to do that are very busy times in my household. So a few mornings during this workshop I snuck out at sunrise to walk the dog, tripod and camera in hand. I'm not totally happy with the composition here, but I do like the colors in the sky and the contrast. The statue is Hugh Mercer. He was a Revolutionary War hero who was a prominent Frederickburg resident and died fighting in Princeton, N.J., during the war. My daughter's elementary school is named for him, and he is a major character in Fredericksburg's history.




ISO 100 / 18mm / f13 / 6 sec



This is Cossey Pond, a stocked fishing pond right in the middle of Fredericksburg's downtown residential neighborhoods. There's a volunteer-built arboretum next to it, and the entire property is the former site of a city water treatment plant. I think it's neat how this former ugly industrial area has turned into such an asset for the neighborhood. 




ISO 100 / 100mm / f8 / 1/640 sec



I pass by this abandoned Wonder Bread plant every day taking my daughter to school. With  my 3-year-old son still in the car, I jumped out to shoot these letters in the morning light, because they always catch my eye. I want to clean this up by cropping in editing. I do a lot of blogging for clients, and maybe one day I'll be able to work this shot in to a post. I want to challenge myself to look for more non-traditional compositions.




ISO 100 / 150mm / f4.8 / 1/1000 sec



One of my locations was the river. I had also wanted to shoot some people working downtown (chefs, artists) but due to school cancellations and work obligations, the time wasn't there. So I settled for a flock of seagulls instead. This was Thursday, and there were chunks of ice floating down the river, which is what you see blurred in the background. I had a lot of shots from this location I wanted to share, but in the end I liked the kind of monotone look of this one. 




ISO 100 / 18mm / f 4.5 / 1/1000 sec



This was taken on my visit to Fredericksburg National Military Park. FYI, all of the locations in these photos are within walking distance of my house in downtown Fredericksburg, which gives you an idea of the scale of this small town. This is the National Cemetery, established in 1865. It is the final resting place for more than 15,000 Union soldiers who died fighting in this area during hte Civil War. I wish I had used a smaller aperture here. I wanted to convey the individual--this J.T. Avery from Michigan who laid down his life here, but also the vast scale of the cemetery. I would like a little more focus on the flag and the other graves in the background.


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