3 Tips for Better Story Gathering

3 Tips for Better Story Gathering - student project

I'll be re-purposing a few talking points from this 2017 blog post (excerpt below) into a short video for my fledgling YouTube channel and a Pinterest tipsheet. The image I've already used across social media. This blog post is also in a collection of others I'm re-purposing for a book.

Look for the Story--I’ve learned to look for story wherever I am and to give margin and space for listening well. When you're working on a writing project of any type workflow and deadlines are important of course, but take the time to hear the stories too. This is especially vital when you're drawing out memories for a personal history or memoir project.

Three tips for better story gathering:

1.  Schedule space around your visits with people to hear their stories

            *Leave a bit more time in your daily schedule and really listen to the people you’re                          talking with

2.  Keep pencil and paper with you to jot down those memories

            * Note how your grandparents’ hands look as they fix a car, wash dishes or                               caress a grandchild

            * Really look at the joy in your child’s eyes as they play with the puppy

3.  Intentionally ask for a story

            *What do you remember about that?

            * Remember when…

            * What was “X” like when you were a kid?

Karen Ray

Memoir Coach