3 Surface design goals for this year

3 Surface design goals for this year - student project

Hej & Hello!

I'm Aminah, a Swedish illustrator and surface designer. I started with graphic design and web design but now my main focus is to build my surface design and illustration career. I started to learn about pattern design in late 2017 I think but since I'm also a stay at home mum to four children things take time :) Right now I'm working on some illustration commissions but I wish to create more passive income streams. Last year I made over 100 patterns and started to build my portfolio and these are 3 of the goals I have for 2021:


1. Update my pattern portfolio and build a new website with a shop for selling my illustrations as prints.


2. Start to reach out to companies for licensing my patterns and illustrations.


3. Learn more advance pattern styles and continue to grow my portfolio.


Thank you for this class!

Aminah Eleonora
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