3 Story Ideas

Milestone: I've chosen Idea #3.

Working Title: Word Vomit

The small group feedback really helped in solidifying Word Vomit as the story I develop into the 10page short. I agree that it'll be weird and visual and fun to play around with.

I see Lily being that awkward kid that can’t shut their mouth when they’re nervous. She becomes brutally aware and self conscious and figures a way to concel and deal with that situation. It's a big mess. The moral of the story will ultimately resolve that the right people will love you along with all your weird quirks.


Story Idea #1 

A young adult female has a tornado of a fight with her father. Before they can reconcile her father dies sudden and tragic. Awestruck with grief, confusion, regret  - she struggles with day to day life as she’s searching for any sense of closure.  While managing his estate – figuring out what to keep, donate, throw away – she comes across a journal from her father’s youth, documenting a time in his life where he too was lost. Inspired, she travels to San Francisco, the city that helped her dad come out of his own darkness.


Story Idea #2 

Bridgette and Tom had been married two years about the time of the incident. Before the incident their well to do marriage was the envy of all their friends, people aspired to achieve the peaceful mutual simple adoration this couple had for each other. Then, Bridgette had a momentary lapse of pure unadulterated judgement. A moment she didn’t share to a living soul for fear of retribution. As the walls close in on her she grows increasingly agitated and begins to self-destruct. Eleanor was the feisty older lady downstairs but you could never tell by her shrine to her deceased husband that she once lived a life of indiscretion. It was this timely connection with Eleanor that helped Bridgette navigate through these rough waters.


Story Idea #3

Most days Lily could be found buried in a book, she was an avid reader with a wild imagination. She sat and watched the other girls as they teased the boys for attention but she herself was too shy to ever approach them. When she finally encountered her first kiss, she nervously vomited words onto the young lad – a physical manifestation of her anxiety (imagine liquid words spewing from her mouth). Embarrassed by what transpired, she ran home and built herself a vomit catcher  (something that filtered the word vomit from her mouth to a safe container) With the hope that this would help her navigate awkward social interactions better. She encounters a few more hurdles but discovers along the journey that someone out there will lover and her filthy mouth.