3 Script Pitches

3 Script Pitches - student project

I've decided to write "Roost" (pitch is below). First off, everyone who left feedback was in favor of that project.  I like it because, from the start, the idea for the story fell  quickly and easily into place; it’s definitely the story I was most inspired and excited about.  I think it fits nicely in the 10 minute timeframe and I definitely see it as an animated short, which is surprising to me as I’m not necessarily well-versed or even particularly drawn (ha!) to that  genre. So, I’m excited to see where this takes me.  At this point, my main concern is that I can see it working really well as a piece without dialogue, but writing dialogue is something I really want to put into practice in this class….so I’ll have reconcile that  somehow. In any case, I’m excited to get started!  


John is devastated when his relationship with Amanda, the woman he always pictured himself marrying, ends abruptly. He had banked on the two of them getting married, starting a family and making a home together. Her sudden departure leaves him and his new bachelor pad a sad, empty place. In the depth of his depression, John becomes aware of the pair of pigeons who frequent his balcony, eating from an old birdfeeder Amanda left, who are now trying to build a nest and start their family there. Infuriated, a multi-week, multi-tactic battle between John and the pigeons carries on as the birds try and roost and John tries everything he can think of to keep them from doing so. In the height of his mania, John poisons the seed in the birdfeeder. Watching with manic delight,  (perhaps with binoculars and barracked behind the couch),  as the female pigeon begins to eat the seed, he hears sweet little tweets and notices for the first time that there are three baby pigeons in a nest he hadn’t noticed before. He is snapped out of his manic obsession and rushes the mama pigeon to the nearest vet/bird rescue. A young, attractive volunteer, Jane, helps  him and the mama pigeon. The very sick bird and food for the baby pigeons are sent home with John who is now determined to save this avian family. He is surprised and delighted when, the next week, Jane shows up to help him with his in-home bird care. During the ensuing recovery process for the mama bird and her babies, John and Jane fall in love. In the end, we see John’s apartment transformed into his and Jane’s happy, comfy, loving home, complete with a balcony full of pigeon families and their nests.