3 Portraits Project

3 Portraits Project - student project

Hello, Sean!

Thank you for a very informative class - I loved it and will surely use the recommendations! I'm an amateur and have never thought of taking it a level up until now that I've got plenty of time to dedicate to photography. I rarely take portraits, mostly nature and still life, and I'm a huge fan of macro and close-ups - that's actually why I found your class extremely useful. 

As for three pictures uploaded - I love geometry in the first one, especially how the girl's hair fills in the lower right corner of the picture, and the bodies are positioned diagonally, which is pleasant to the eye. I love the softness of light in the second picture - it gives it a sort of a calming tone and makes me want to look at it more. Last one is mine and it's my daughter (also the cover photo) - I like the angle and the positioning of the face in that photo. I would really appreciate it if you checked my Instagram for more photos https://www.instagram.com/marina__dymchenko/  I also have a project at Behance  https://www.behance.net/gallery/71904913/State-of-Awe - working on a new one right now. Thank you!3 Portraits Project - image 1 - student project3 Portraits Project - image 2 - student project3 Portraits Project - image 3 - student project