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3 Pigs, the minimalist way

Hi Lisa, hi everyone!

I have finally found time to start my own project for this class.

I am Italian and my english is not good as yours, but I hope that both my project description and my email are good enough.

First of all, here is the email reply:


While "waiting" for Sally's reply I started drawing some thumbnail sketches. The brief was quite specific about composition, or at least that's what impressed me the most, so I approached this project from a compositional point of view.

My style is quite minimal, and that's most likely the reason why Sally wants me to work on this project that they want to feel modern.

Here are my first sketches.



And here are the Roughs I have sent to Sally :



I am currently working on the final artwork, meaning I have chosen my cover already. But I am not telling you that yet.

Which one you think I should have chosen? Comment here and let's see if I have made the right decision.

Thanks for reading



So, Sally chose the rough that I liked the most for the final cover. How lucky I am! :-)

Here is the final artwork and a mokup for the finished book.



I hope you like it.

Any suggestion or comment or feedback is welcome!




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