3 Patterns in 3 Weeks

Edited version of repeating pattern number 1 - less focus on the trees, more on the animals and no leavers....


First repeating pattern complete!! I have several more on the go to complete the collection - a challenging and fun experience for sure.



I'm a bit behind but here are some sketches that I imported into Illustrator and started to colour. Such an amazing process - still struggling a bit with where to place everything - will work on a woodland repeat pattern for end of the week - totally inspired by everyone's work!!


Hi everyone. My name is Loo McNulty and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer living with my two sons in Collingwood, Canada. I am so excited to be part of this wonderful workshop and am looking forward to learning along with each of you. Already this course has motivated me to get outside and use my camera again! I get most of my inspiration from my kids and am always trying to find ways to capture the magic of innocent playfulness while brining the beauty of nature indoors. My work can be seen on my website loomcnultydesign.com


Into the Woods is inspired by my love of little woodland creatures and all the magic of the forest. I love going for walks at my parents country home, always imagining the trees and the animals and what their life is like when humans aren't around!! 

Forest, Animals, Nature, Magic, Playfulness, Adventure, Weather, Creatures, Family, Imagination




Summer rocks - its really that simple. 

Freedom, Water, Warmth, Bonfires, Flowers, Grass, Pine Needles, Bike Rides, Ice Cream Cones, Beaches



The Fall reminds me most of my parents country home - rolling hills and gorgeous fall leaves. Its a place to go to be with family, eat amazing food and take long walks. Its a place for making memories.

Family,y Woods, Rail Fence, Pond, Wind, Moon, Shooting Stars, Rock Piles, Hiking, Crisp Morning Air, Food, Memories



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