3 Patterns in 3 Weeks


Hello everyone,

I am updating now the post with the 3 final patterns , it's been very interesting to work on this project , thank you Bonnie for you help and advices . Great course and amazing support from everyone. I will continue to finalise some mock up product in the future.

Thank you




Hi Everyone, 

Below find the development of this project for the 3 patterns course in 3 weeks. 

Find my three inspirations boards :

It took me some times to decide what to choose but I finally made a decision ! 

the first one will be :

Whimsical Enchanted forest

Inspired from the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz illustrated by Lorena Alvarez , I love the light on the tale in the woodland created.

keywords : Forest,Trees, Magical, Animals friends from the forest, Cute shapes, Enchanted , Bright colours, Dark ground Colours, Anemone, Mushrooms, Antique Rose, Foxglove, scabies, seeded eucalyptus, Agonis, Astilbe.


the drawings I have been doing at the moment : I find it easier to draw with Signpen Pilot!


I draw on illustrator but I have simply the character:


and this is one first pattern made from the drawing :


then I have developed another pattern :


and this is the third pattern:


with the last pattern , I have worked on some products mock up:


As suggested, I made a board rounding out the Collection patterns to give an overview of the theme:


The Second inspirations will be :

Botanic winter love

Inspired by botanic prints, work of some beautiful fashion designers, wedding winter bouquets, I want to look at how I can translate some botanical drawings into a pattern. 

Keywords : Leafs, Art Bridal inspiration, Intimate , Berries, Vintage, Poppies, Red Lotus, Fruit trees, Palaver orientale, Dahlia, Boho , Pink protea.


Find below the sketches and the colour added into photoshop :


then now the patterns I have started to develop :

Pattern 1 on the theme : inspired by Boho patterns I thought it will be a good idea to use all of the flowers and vegetative elements .


Pattern 2 on the theme : I like the oranges tree not ending as a pattern so I give it a try .


I had some time to develop some products mock up to show how the patterns will work on kidswear :


As suggested, I made a board rounding out the Collection patterns to give an overview of the theme:


The Third inspiration will be : 

Culinary flowers Party

Inspired by edible flowers decoration around desserts and tables,  I find it very inspiring and want to dry translating it into a pattern.

Keywords : Tea cups, Desserts, Cakes, Fruits, Staffordshire english vintage china tea set, Squash Blossom, Impatiens, Phlox, Thyme, Rose, Nasturtium, Cutlery, Mouvement


Below I have layout a page where you can see the sketches and with the colour added into it. Overall for this style of the future pattern , I want to explore how I could keep a sketchy style in adding the colour into it. At the end I have coloured them into photoshop , it appeared to me to be easier however I had to export each of the design as a .tiff  file to keep the transparency.Changing colour will not be possible I believe , only the background. let see the result shortly! 


Finally, I can update this theme with the patterns I am happy with :


 this is the same pattern but with a different background :


this is a second pattern version with another colour of the background .


As suggested, I made a board rounding out the Collection patterns to give an overview of the theme:



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