3 OAO's

(still a work in progress)

Processes that I complete on a daily basis include checking email, facebook and twitter, creating lists of things that need to get done. I look at these processes' and I see MAJOR room for improvement. It is pathetic when I see it written down that those are the only things (besides bare basics) that I continually do day in and day out. I would like to see this list include exercise or conscious movement of some form, website post/updates, continued education, and taking care of my needs first. A basic day inclues me going to work for 10 hours (7-5:30) with intermittant breaks of facebook/twitter/email. Then I usually come home and do brief house-keeping (1 hour) and dinner. This is usually followed by another session of internet play or activity. Due to my work schedule during the day, the best times for me to do my most productive work is either 6am in the morning or 7pm-9pm at night. The problem with trying to focus my best working hours at night is I'm more easily distracted and there are more extracurricular activities happening at that point plus the possible stress/wear of the day making me feel like I don't want to be productive at that point. At 6am in the morning I would rather try to fit in an exercise session more than anything else as I find it's a great way to start the day. Currently, I work 4 10hour days so I do have 1 full 'work-week' day to myself plus weekends. On these days I find that I am very productive between 9-11am. I love this point in the morning to (after exercise) sit down with a cup of tea and do some blogging/social media promotion. One of my goals (although I haven't made it SMART yet) is to eventually only be working 3 full days and 1 half day giving me ample freedom to support more of an online presence and other hobbies. I KNOW there are many insufficiencies in the way I work which is why when I stumbled upon this class I KNEW that I had to take it. I am a work in progress (as we all seem to be!) and I look forward to reflecting on everyone's final projects and as well as my own.


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