3 Minute Ideas

(I have to be honest, I gave myself 3 minutes to write three brief ideas but then I decided to adjust the story ideas a bit. These ideas are a bit adjusted)


How would society react if everyone on the planet was forced to undergo a strict quarantine for reasons outside humanity's control? What consequences would the unruly folks that leave the safety of their homes out of temptation and curiosity even bring? How far are the world governments willing to go to prevent the utter annihilation of these non-compliant characters and why are they so inclined to even save these people instead of accepting them as acceptable casualties?


A powerful lava goddess falls for a mortal human; an Amazonian who was left for dead by her fellow tribeswomen. Meanwhile, a lesser fire deity admires the lava goddess and seeks to destroy the lone woman out of sheer jealousy and hatred. The Amazonian wants neither the affection or spite from both of the gods, she hopes to escape the island in order to escape her past and pursue her own path.


What would a humble sailor do if he not only managed to catch an unidentified sea monster but also discovered the hidden nest the creature was trying to escape to? What should he even expect to encounter in this ominous lair and why didn't he simply report the find to the local government, instead choosing to follow the mysterious tunes of an unseen entity into the darkening caverns?