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3 Little Pigs and a Wolf with Astounding Lung Capacity

Hi. I'm Jen. Years back I decided to use my art degree toward a career in graphic (print) design. I've enjoyed it, but lately I've been thinking that it might be the wrong path. I miss good-old drawing. I want clients who appreciate my creativity and see that I am more than someone who knows how to use Photoshop. Is illustration what I should be doing instead? I'm taking this class as part of my journey to find the answer.

Here's my email back to our pal, Sally:


I would love critique on this part.

I worried that I was "dumbing it down" too much, as I have no experience dealing with art directors, only business owners who don't know art jargon. For instance, my first question about the orientation of the page is something that I've learned I have to ask because many people don't realize that when listing dimensions, the numbers have an order. Art directors probably know that, though, huh?

As I mentioned in the email, I do a moodboard for every design project and I'm sure I'd need them for illustration jobs as well. I try to add a few inspirational image from totally unrelated stuff. For instance, if I'm designing a pattern for fabric, I might look at nail art or cake decorating for inspiration. For this project I looked at movie and music posters and found a few things that sparked ideas.

I also included photographic references because I didn't want to have to stop during my sketching phase to check what a trowell looks like or research whether pigs have teeth.


As I put together the moodboard, brainstorming happened. I decided I definitely wanted to include the wolf, and his huffing and puffing. I recall that as I child I was bothered by the wolf's unrealistic lung capacity. The fact that pigs were building houses didn't bother me at all.

Onward to the sketches. I started with 6 rapid-fire sketches just to get the ideas outta my brain and into the world. In order to chose 2, I did a little self-critique.


I refined the two I chose and then pretend-sent them to pretend-Sally. (In other words, I refined them and then ate half a box of Triscuits.)



Believe it or not, Sally's choice was the one that I liked best, too! We went with sketch #2.



Thanks for looking, and extra thanks if you leave a comment or critique. I'm off to check out everyone else's work.


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