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3 Ideas - 1. White dot ; 2. Where is the test? ; 3. Only Piss Please.

3 Ideas:

First Idea:

First Idea  -  White dot

I'm a guy in glasses and I love playing soccer. I'm a mole without glasses, however I always needed to take it out when I played. I never had huge problems about that, but when I was in school I had to play soccer at night.
I always knew where the ball was because it was the whiter point in the soccer field. I couldn't say the same about my vision of the other players. It was hard to identify my opponents in the poor light. Generally I followed the flow: the players going forward would be my team partners. But in that fateful night there was a mess on the middle of the soccer field.
After a confusion I lost the location of the ball; for a moment I could only see legs and boots in front of me. I searched for the white little dot like a detective with a magnifying glass. Suddenly I saw a pair of legs kicking a white dot. I didn't want to figure out who he was, I just wanted to give him a pothole and I did. When I stood up there was a silence. I looked to the ground and there was my team partner, astonished. Everybody watched me with a silent expression. In that moment, my face was the whiter point in the soccer field. But god is great and the terrifying silence changed to a huge laugh and all the players fell to the ground with white dots in their mouths.

Second Idea:

Second Idea  -  Where is the test?

I was very dreamy in the school time. In the classes I was like a vegetable, I didn't interact with anybody and I was always very silent. Some classmates used to say that I made photosynthesis for a living. I was very imaginative: I used to lose attention on what the teacher was saying and travel in my mind to another worlds, draw on the notebook and stay out of context. One day, during a test for wich I  hadn't studied, I made another imaginative travel. When the school bell ringed and the test was over I came back to the real world like a parrot puted into an aquarium. I forgot that we were in a test and put the test sheets into my backpack as if it was a simple homework. I stood up and walked to the exit with another students, when suddenly the teacher stoped me in front of the door: "Where is your test?!". I was astonished, my mind had trouble to understand that question. I oppened my backpack and there were the blank test sheets. I gave it to the teacher with a shame expression. He didn't understand what happened with me, but my classmates, who knew me much better than the teacher, started laughing a lot.


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