3 Focal Prints

3 Focal Prints - student project

Here is my almost finished focal pattern. I still need to tweak a few things, re-arrange some of the motifs and keep trying other colors but I am happy with how is coming together..

I decided to call it Lovely Afternoon at the Plaza. Mexico's Plazas are my favorites, full of color, life, food, plants, just lovely!

3 Focal Prints - image 1 - student project

Hi All,

I am Ana, originally from Uruguay but living in the United States for many years now. I am a graphic designer and two years ago I discovered pattern design and fell in love with it! My goal is to become a full time surface pattern designer, I am very excited about this workshop.

My first focal pattern theme is: Mexico. Here is my inspiration board (photos taken by me) and also very rough preliminary sketches, just to get ideas going..

3 Focal Prints - image 2 - student project

3 Focal Prints - image 3 - student project