3 Focal Prints

Hello! My name is Joellen. I started quilting over 3 years ago, and realized it was the first thing that really opened my heart to design. I love playing with color and pattern. This past March, I was honest with myself, and my deepest desire (if I allowed myself to admit without any fear or inhibitions) is to design fabric. I didn't have much of an "artsy" background before that (I did learn to sew garments when I was younger, but that was more technical than design for me), so I have slowly been teaching myself how to draw. And now I want to push myself to apply it to design, thanks to this class/workshop!

This first collection is Swan Lake. I think swans are so beautiful and I always loved watching ballet performances. My descriptive words are: luminous, graceful, glow, elegant, swan, tutu flowers, star flowers.





The second collection is Gracie Girl. This is inspired by one of my closest friend’s daughter, Gracie. Her nursery is “Dancin’ in the Rain” themed, so if Gracie Girl was a fabric collection this particular piece would probably be called “April Showers”. I was first most excited to put this one together because I had so many illustrations relating to Gracie but then I just didn’t feel they were coherent enough to be included on just one piece. So then I decided to focus on just the rain and to add some flowers. I may go back and add more details to these flowers, or create more illustrations of flowers for this piece. I can kind of see in my head how I want to lay it out, so it will depend once I get it all put together in illustrator.

My descriptive words are : happy, cloud/rain mobile, bright, pure, innocent, poppies, sweet, soft.

Note: The middle picture is Gracie picking out the flowers for her house ( her mom said she appropriately picked out the impatiens LOL). Also included are pics of her nursery, which I absolutely adore!!!


I changed my illustrations quite a bit from my original sketches. But I'm so glad I did! 



My final collection is Meadow. I think this piece really challenged me and helped solidify my style even more. I love drawing nature. I haven’t had much experience drawing animals because they are more complex than flowers. So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out (aka erasing, redrawing, repeat) what type of animals I like in my work.

My descriptive words are: dreamy, gentle, warmth, sleepy, refreshing, wispy, framework


I also changed up the illustrations from my original sketches on this pattern:



This workshop is EXACTLY what I needed. I have confidence in Adobe Illustrator now and I'm going to keep making patterns. It is all thanks to you, Bonnie! This class was excellent and has renewed/kickstarted my dreams <3.  


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