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3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks

Wow! It's the last day of the class. It's been a great journey- super productive! Thank you Bonnie for leading and guiding me!  Thank you to my classmates who have provided so much encouragement along the way in the sharing of your work and comments!

Here is my final submission, 3 Focal Prints with a story and a few coordinates. I also have some wonderful news that I'd like to share with you all in a little post just after this final submission!





Thank you all once again!- Mia :-)

Here are my 3 Focal Prints!

Jahmi & Whimsy Signature Pattern Collection


Job 39 Pattern Collection


Christmas Tea: Candy Cane Mint Pattern Collection


Hello Everyone!

I am so enjoying engaging with my classmates in this course and others in our Skillshare community! The experience has been so uplifting. 

Well, here is my second submission for 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks- motifs for each of my collections.

This one is inspired by my new creative business venture,  Jahmi & Whimsy, and will be part of my Signature collection.


Scripture verse Job 39:9-10 (KJV) is the inspiration for my next set of motifs. In this poetically worded verse, God asks Job if he would expect such a wild, strong, and majestic creature to abide by his crib, or plow his fields and serve him. That a unicorn would be mentioned in such a sacred text stirs my soul into imaginative play and believing in the unbelievable once again! 


Ahh! So many ways to celebrate this special season and create memorable mommy & daughter bonding time. My final set of motifs sets the mood for a fun and whimsical time of getting all girly, dressing up, setting the table in feminine shades of red and green, and letting my daughter chatter till her heart's content (or at least until the hot peppermint tea is gone.)


Hello! My name is Mia. I am a daughter of the Most High trying to live out a life of faith while inspiring my daughter to do the same. At this time, I am almost 6 months into building my creative business, Jahmi & Whimsy, and the learning curve is still steep!

My first design is inspired by my business's brand which I want to be joyful, edifying, and wholesome and will be part of its Signature Collection. 


My next design is inspired by scripture verses Job 39:9-10 (KJV) which I once found so delightfully unexpected in a sacred text and although I know it may not refer to the mythical, rainbow colored creatures we think of today, I still like to imagine them that way!


My final design is inspired by sweet, memorable times I like to spend with my daughter. This one I plan to have this Christmas season when we dress up and decorate the table with some of her favorite colors. It is still youthful and fun even while my daughter gets a kick out of feeling sophisticated and mature while sipping hot peppermint tea with her Mommy!




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