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Rebecca Hsieh

Graphic Designer



3 Focal Prints Surface Pattern Design

Hi Everyone, 

This is my first time posting my work, so I hope I am doing this correctly. I am excited to get started on my focal prints design. At the beginning, I had a little trouble getting ideas and creating a short description of my 3 focal prints. I think with a little practice, I started to get the hang of it. I am uploading what I have so far, but I plan to upload the rest by tomorrow. The image quality of the sketches I did could certainly be improved, but since these are just rough sketches, I don't want to spend too much time with them just yet. I like to do the refining on the computer, so when I digitalize them I will upload them to share with the class.

The names I picked for my prints are:

Joyful Spring

Inner Beauty 

Ocean Garden


Here are my sketches:







Hi everyone,

Here is 1 of the 3 sets of motifs. I was able to create 5 sets of motifs for "Joyful Spring." The colors are from the colors that I picked for that theme, but the colors you see are not set in stone. When I first begin to arrange the motifs it took a little time because I was trying to figure out which one should be the focal flowers. Once I started, it was addicting and fun to create them! This past week was busy for me, so Iwasn't able to create motifs for all of my 3 themes. However, I plan to continue working on the other 2 themes this coming week when I have more time. Please stay tune!


Here are my motifs for the Inner Beauty theme. When I first started to illustrated on the computer, I wasn't sure how they will all turn out. I have never done abstract design before, so I thought I will create one in one of my focal prints. I didn't want them to look too structed, so I let their organic form grow as I roughly traced over my sketches. They might not look like things that could be easily recognizable, but these are my interpretations of beauty of the inside of fruits and vegetables. I will work on the next and plans to create the focal print too by this weekend! More to come!


Here are my Ocean Garden theme motifs. I am excited to get started on creating patterns for my 3 themes! 


It was fun creating and recoloring the pattern! It was a little hard to pick which final version I like, but I narrowed down to these 3 for Joyful Spring. I still plan to finish the other 2 patterns by the end of Sunday! For some reasons there is a white line in the pattern I posted, but it doesn't happen in Illustrator. I will take a look at it shortly to see if I can remedy that. 

Joyful Spring Focal Pattern 




It was hard to narrow down, so I posted 4 color themes. The Inner Beauty theme is my intrepretations of the beauty I see when I look inside fruits and vegetables. It's a little abstract, something I don't normally do, but thought this would be a good place to try it out.





Ocean Garden Patterns:

I have recolored the pattern and I had a lot of fun doing it. Although it took some time, I got quicker with arranging the motifs and rotating them to fit with one another. I am glad I have the opportunity to push myself to create these patterns. This is my first time actually creating focal prints, and I learned a lot and practiced the tools/tricks in Illustrator. I will continue to practice and work on figuring out my design style. 






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