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3 Focal Point Prints in 3 weeks

Here are 2 prints inspired by my Sanibel Mood Board. I still want to go back and tweak both of them but since it is the last day of the workshop I thought I would post what I have so far. It is a great start to the collection and I have several ideas of what to do for coordinating prints. I learned so much in the workshop and enjoyed following along with everyone! Thanks again Bonnie, you are a great teacher and very inspiring.


This is so much fun. I have wanted to learn how to do repeats in illustrator for so long now! Thank you Bonnie! This first one is a little rough, I will go back and play some more with it, but in the interest of time just wanted to get going on the second.

Focal Print 2: "Sanibel Island" inspired by a trip to this beautiful coastal area in Florida where time slows down to the pace of a bicycle ride or a leisurely stroll along the sugar sand beaches to collect sea shells.

10 Words: Beach, Shells, Foliage, Palm Trees, Ocean, Blue sky, Joy, Sunshine, Warmth, Relax

Updated Sanibel Focal Print with added motifs and multiple colorways:




Mood Board:




Repeat Swatches: These two repeats are still a work in progress. I need to add a few more elements to the floral, maybe another small accent flower to fill out the composition and make it more of a main focal print. I had intended to use the shells with the flowers but the weren't really working so I used them alone and I think it will make a nice coordinate print.  Would love some ideas on what to do with the background to add some interest in both prints.




Focal Print 1: "Blooming Now" inspired by a magical U-Pick Flower farm near my home. I go here often to gather inspiration.

10 Words: Blossoms, Blooming, Botanical, Flowers, Sunshine, Blue Sky, Summer, Sunshine, Butterflies, Joy

Mood Board:




Repeat Pattern:  Here are three colorways. I learned a lot doing this. I would almost like to start over again with the things I know now, but for first attempt at repeat in illustrator I think it is ok. My next pattern will probably be smoother lines because I will approach it differently. I am also using a much older version of illustrator and do not have the blob tool or a tablet so I have to use live trace for now.





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