3 Focal Point Prints in 3 Weeks

I was inspired by Bonnie's comment to use our own photos and I did in all except two photos I felt were needed to fill out the theme. It does give me a sense of originality. I have done some traveling in the last few years and wanted to bring in those photos that represented a very inspiring time in my life when my creativity had run dry and I went looking to recapture it. I've since returned home and would be remiss if I didn't include my hometown as inspiration for Fall Alfresco. With my creativity well full again, this is my first SkillShare class and I'm so excited to get started! So, in non-chronological order...

Les Fleurs - A New Orleans summer was the inspiration and the first place I landed in the US after two years abroad. The history, beautiful gardens, juxtaposition of decay and growth, harsh environment and perseverance of nature and humans made me fall in love with the old port town.

Fall Alfresco - My home base of Portland, Oregon will forever be my 1st love. Fall is such a beautiful time of year and although I always shed a tear for the lost summer, I then embrace Fall, for without its shedding and sleeping, we could not enjoy the flowers of summer. Picture of gold sweater and basket from Pinterest.

Nature of Nepal - Such a beautiful place full of flowers and spice. Floral henna designs are a natural interpretation of this beauty and warmth. Picture of henna hand from Pinterest.


Lush Nature - wild, green, overgrown, ornamental, earthy, abundant, trailing, vining, heirloom, natural



Les Fl



Fall Alfresco - fallen leaves, autumn harvest, crisp air, vibrant colors, earth tones, cozy, turn inward, home cooking, bare branches, golden hues



Nature of Nepal:

corn fields, spicy curry, colorful, vibrant, hot, fresh, tradition, hilltops, valleys, terraced fields 




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