3 Focal Point Prints: Sustenance | Skillshare Projects



3 Focal Point Prints: Sustenance

Phase 4: Surface pattern:

Version 2: Reworked with a more neutral palette and with variations in flower motifs.



Phase 3: Design Illustrations



I am Deanna Grant from Utah. I look forward to participating in this class. Bonnie's designs are beautiful and inspire me and I am excited to see everyone's beautiful creations. Because of my time constraints at this time I am excited to at least submit one design and hopefully more.

Design 1: Sustenance

Remembering my Scottish ancestors who were among the first settlers in Utah in the mid 1800s. With reluctance it became a necessity for them to turn to eating Sego Lilies for sustenance during the famine of 1848-1849. Not only were the wild flowers pretty, but their bulbs provided tasty nutrition. At that time, the beehive was adopted as their official emblem representing industry, perserverance, thrift, stability and self-reliance; and, 61 years later the Sego Lily was adopted as the State flower.




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