3 Focal Point Prints-Orchid Dreams, Flowers In The City, Moon Garden


Here is a reworked pattern from my MoonGarden Collection.  Bonnie suggested getting more mileage out of my motifs so I spent some time making variations to them as well as recoloring from the original you'll see a few patterns below this.  I don't know why these white lines are showing thru but I can guess my pattern block was more than 1pt. off.  I'll need to go back and try to adjust.



Since this class I made the pattern below for another class not part of Skillshare.  

I found that going back to the lessons from Bonnie's classes here on the site were just

an absolute lifesaver.  I got into big trouble with this pattern when I couldn't get it to 

make a repeating tile--after trying for days--I abandoned it for starting it fresh.  The grey 

background below is what I hope to be a new and improved version of the original--with a 

better flow in the layout.  I want to thank Bonnie for her amazing courses.  I've been referring 

to the videos time and time again.  I plan to be back to complete this workshop in the near future.

Cheers for now.



Hello Everyone.

Finally have figured out all my problems in A.I. with the help of some great people in the class--a big thank you to all.  Here's my 'MoonGarden' Focal Print.  It's certainly not perfect but I'm off and running with it.  It needs color tweaking but wanted to post something for class.  Many thanks to Bonnie for her kind support.  I enjoyed the class and will be back to finish the other 2 prints soon.  

I'm still looking thru all the gorgeous patterns everyone has created too--throughly enjoyable to see.




I"ve been working all day on Illustrator--I've only made one other pattern and that was last year...(!).

I'm having fun in between moments of great frustration.  My cat sat on my keyboard and one of my multicolored flowers stretched across the page.  I was able to finally get rid of it and I decided to stop here and show my progress.  I'll be back at making this pattern tomorrow.  It's my 'Moon Garden' Print.  I can't wait to fiddle around with the change color tool.  


Here are motif illustrations for my 'Moon Garden' Focal Print.






Here are illustrated motifs for my 'Tranquil Orchid' Collection (I've changed the name from

Orchid Dreams)  :)  




Hello.  I'm back to add my 3rd idea for a focal print--'Moon Garden'.  I didn't realize that there is such a thing as a moon garden but apparently there is...!  So I thought I was having an original idea but I know there is nothing really new in the world--just many interpretations and re-makes.  I've placed a watercolor painting I did for another class on my inspiration board because it has a moon theme.  The other pictures are taken from various internet sources.  I hope to capture a magical dance of flora and fauna in this focal print.  




Hello.  I'm new to Illustrator but have been working on pattern design for a few years now.  I've been painting and drawing since I was in grade school.  I started a career in graphic design many years ago but was recruited to work as a 'Creative' Administrator.  I loved my jobs but always wanted to work as an artist.  After discovering pattern design a few years back--when I was working for a company that purchased prints for scarves--I started taking classes and have really fell in love with making patterns while still painting watercolors.  I've made  patterns that I never developed into collections so I'm excited to work on these focal prints and see where it takes me.  I enjoyed Bonnie's Classes--she's a wonderful artist and such an inspiring teacher.

Here are 2 of my 3 ideas--I hope to be posting the last one tomorrow.

The First print comes from pictures I took during lunch hour walks in Midtown Manhattan.  I want to include urban elements with flowers to create my 'Flowers In the City' Collection.  I've inked a few sketches of elements I hope to turn into a fun, modern take on the floral print.




The next print idea is one I've wanted to make since I started painting orchids last year. My watercolor is including on the board 'Orchid Dreams' Below. I'll expand on my sketches and work on pulling out the interesting patterns that are in the flower petals. I think the details will make for some nice coordinates.




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