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Nicki France

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3 Focal Point Patterns in 3 Weeks

Hello, my name is Nicki and I'm an illustrator glad to produce some work before I leave on a vacation to Japan and Thailand next month! ^_^

Pattern 1: Illumination

//words: lightbulb, candle, glow, vision, inspiration, bright, curve, path, beam, sunlight, stars, glimmer, innovation, ingenuity, sheen, dot, scatter, spark, electricity, lightning//

\\story: Grasp the spark of of inspiration in the instant they flash into existence. The excitement of new ideas conjured from the void illuminates your path, you, the magician, the artist, the modern day Prometheus.  Never hesitate--true inspiration is fleeting, and she does not wait.


Pencil only sketches, will be transferred to lightboard and inked later:



Since I want these to be symmetrical, I'll only be drawing half the bulb and mirroring it in Ai.


Here are the motifs.  I figured out the gradient tool :)

And here is the final pattern.  I did a few color tests too.  




Pattern 2: Sea Myth

//words: mermaid, mist, serpent, ships, siren, selkie, depths, waves, blood, wonder, mystery, exploration, danger, invitation, thrill, sunset, red moon, foam, soul, voice, tide, reflection//

\\story: Mystic maidens of the sea sing ancient songs to lull us into dreaming, keeping time with the rhythms of the waves. Serpents sleep in unexplored depths, a world untouched by time and as full of wonder as it is danger.\\




Pencil sketches:





The motifs.  I have to choose a color that will harmoniously fill all empty spots.

So excuse the low res shots here, I might do a save for web later and replace these.  I tried out a gradient knowing it would look like a soft stripe, so to minimize how odd that might look I made a really large pattern repeat:


Here's a closer shot:


I might experiment with maybe some kind of halftone alternative gradient, but this achieves the effect I was hoping for close up.  

Pattern 3: Tea

//words: natural, versatile, focused, subtle, vibrant, warmth, care, serenity, green, amber, red, earth, smooth, clean, pure, labor, reward, mindful, taste, relaxed, bright, tradition//

\\story: More than a health craze, more than a diet fad, tea has been a vital aspect of human ritual for thousands of years. Versatile and timeless, good tea is unparalleled expression of the earth, the seasons, and the skill and traditions of generations.  Taste, feel and enjoy the calm of the most simple pleasure -- a perfect cup of tea.




Pencil sketches, some to be finished in Ai:




For some reason I feel like there's something missing from these.  I'll have to experiment with adding some smaller motifs maybe.

So not only do I feel less enthused about this pattern so far, to top it off something went wrong:


No clue why.  I can only assume something small went off and I'll have to start over.  This is my pattern repeat, fully checked to make sure the edges are completely aligned:


I'll have to come back to this with a clearer head and maybe find out what its been missing.  At least I'm satisfied with my other patterns.

(Below is my first class' project for surface pattern design, to be developed later)

This is the result of  multiple attempts, and I'm glad I kept at it!

At the prompt of inspiration from nature, my brain didn't hesitate: MUSHROOMS!  I had plenty of reference photos on my laptop already.


I was really raring to get to sketching, so I skipped the mood board step.


(These are the high res scans just before importing them into Ai.  I drew them in pencil and traced them in pen over a light board.)

As for color, I had a strong pull towards the hues of Japanese woodblock prints:



The  finished pattern.  My first attempts were a lot more simple, less organic.  I also had a bizarre, unresolved (so far) random fill issue on the horizontal axis, for anyone who wants to let me know how that happened:


Possibly my favorite things to do was the random recoloring.  I kinda went nuts.





I think I'm definitely going to be expanding on this in the next collection class.  Thanks Bonnie!


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