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Deb Jeffrey

Artist • Illustrator • Surface Designer



3 Focal Designs Workshop

Hi, I'm Deborah Jeffrey, a no talent artist.  Well, that's what my high school art teacher said.  I let her words dictate what I did and didn't do...mainly, I didn't make art...for years! Thankfully, at the age of 30, I tried again, and realized that it was more the teacher than the artist.  With many wasted years behind me, I have set my course on making whatever my hands can make.  

For the past 5 years I have been making art in the form of edible, fondant cake and cupcake toppers.  You see, I didn't know there was such as thing as Surface Pattern Design.  Well I am now aware...and hooked!  I aspire to learn all I can and to one day create patterns that are cherished by others in the world.

So here they are, my three inspiration boards, sketches, etc...




I am loving the digital sketching/coloring phase of this workshop -- I just wish there were more hours in my day to play = )  

Following are my digital sketches for "La Cuesta Encantada" - the Enchanted Hill.  I found that I am very intrigued by all of the design features hidden in the architecture...


This pattern, inspired by William Randolph Hearst's Hearst Castle, aka La Cuesta Encantada, the Enchanted Hill, includes the blue from the Grecian indoor pool, dahlia's from the garden, a vase from one of the bedrooms, a design from one of the many incredible ceilings, and an architectural shape from one of the windows...




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