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3 FFmpeg Snippets: Screencasting, Converting Video, and Creating Animated GIF

Hi, hello fellow students

In this class, I will introduce awesome open-source tools named FFmpeg known as the Jack of all trades audio and videos tools, for your everyday video processing task.


FFmpeg is "a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video". In this class, i will share how to use this tools to solve 3 common video processing task such as Screencasting, Converting Video, and Creating Animated GIF.


Final assignment is creating animated GIF of your Screencast.

This assignment has tree step.

  1. Screencasting,
  2. Example of Converting Video from your screencast to mobile-friendly format, and
  3. Creating Animated GIF from a screencast.

Video Lesson Outline:

my video outline

Introduction Video: (TBA)

Published Class: (TBA)


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