3 Easy Origami Animals

Hello future students, my name is Thilde.

In this class I would teach you how to fold three different origami animals. I belive that everyone can do something wonderfull with their hands, and these origami animals is a great start to get control of your fingers.


The aim of the project is to have fun with origami.
I has chosen five animals to start with, which i think you should try to fold.
If it is the first time you fold, remember that it won't be perfect first time you do it.
Origami is old japanese craft. It can be very difficult and some foldings you just have to try many times.

Try to fold the animals of various sizes and colors.
Hang them in the window or place them on the dining table.

Share pictures of your process and your animals.

You are also welcome to ask me questions.




Final project



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