3 Compelling Blog Posts

Why do I blog?

I don't really blog excessivly currently. The real question is why do I want to blog? I work for a company that has a very active blog and I would love to participate more in contributing content. Before this happens, I need to work on my writing skills.

Which 3 blog posts do I find compelling?

1. Why One New Yorker Boycotted Eating Out and Embraced Cooking, Foraging and Trash-Diving


I chose this blog post because it's applicable to my demographic: a young individual living in a big city and taking a risk. Like New York, my city of San Francisco is full of amazing places to eat with a lifestyle that makes it difficult to constantly cook for yourself. I thought this article was compelling because I can relate to it and it's also a very interesting topic for someone with culinary interests.

2. Things That Make a Bad Day Good


This specific post made me smile because a. that's the point of the post and b. it was short, sweet, and kind of funny. Not all blog posts need to be made up of paragraphs or a full story/message. Sometimes a list is exactly what the reader wants.

3. Should Smart Gadgets Bully Us Into Making Better Choices?


I loved this article because it tackles a topic that people might not otherwise think about. With the rapid change in technology and its presence in everyone's lives, at what point does it have a responsibility to affect our decisions? Or does it have a responsibility at all? The article combines two topics that generally don't go together.


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