3 Color Harmony Chart

3 Color Harmony Chart - student project

Hi Class!

I had so much fun in the class. I'm currently obsessed with my watercolors so this was just perfect for me. I loved learning how to harmonize my color palette and can't wait to try it with other colors. Here is what i came up with....

The 3 left circles were the original colors i started with. I added Opera Rose to the same 3 colors and came up with the bottom 3 circles. I just loved how those colors turned out. Lastly, I created the 3X3 Chart on the top right. What is so amazing is that with just 3 colors you can come up with 9 distinct different colors AND not to mention that if you adjust the tone, you'll have so many more.

Thanks for the class! :)

3 Color Harmony Chart - image 1 - student project

Yeissen Lowe