3 Card Spread

3 Card Spread - student project

Tarot continues to blow my mind the more I get into it. I chose the past, present, future spread because I'm somewhat in a rut recently. The main struggle has been that it is time for me to find a new job and I'm at a point in my life where I'm frustrated and confused about what I want to go next. I've attempted a handful of major things such as getting a degree and starting an online business, but they didn't pan out - with school, there were things out of my control that hindered me from graduating that I realize I have probably let the frustration and unfairness I felt from that hold me back from truly moving forward, and with the business, I was leaning too much on a mentor's opinions and got in way over my head and a little too far away from my original purpose. I have a tendency to take on more than I can handle, and I have been letting the fear of repeating mistakes, among other things, stand in the way of moving forward and taking advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. I'm quite unsure of exactly what I want to do next and where I want to focus my energy, but as always, these cards helped me realize it's okay to do what I can while I'm figuring it out and definitely unload any unnecessary burdens that are taking up space in my life and mind. That's one reason I'm here on Skillshare - to learn more about some of the things I'm interested in to better define my goals. 


**I'm struggling today to get my photo from my phone to the computer, but my spread was 1. justice card reversed, 2. 5 of pentacles, and 3. 4 of swords reversed.