3 Card Draw

3 Card Draw - student project

My 3 card reading was set with the "Think—Feel—Do" intention. Here's what I learned:

(THINK) Nine of Pentacles - This card screams "You can have good things!" I'm in the midst of creating a sturdy foundation upon which to build my life professionally; I'm focusing on success and achievement at work. And through tarot, I'm building a faith and spirituality for myself. All of these things are on my conscious mind. 

(FEEL) The Emperor - While my professional foundation is strong, my personal foundation is a bit unsteady; I'm feeling conflicted. I'm feeling overwhelmed by negative habits I've created, and nervous, but also aware that it's necessary I create new boundaries for myself at home—especially regarding my health and food. I'm also grappling w/ my relationship w/ my dad, who is my paternal figure, but also my health coach and advisor.

(DO) Five of Wands - A card of conflict, but also "gold, gain, opulence." I need to attack from all sides—is this conflict worth my time, attention, and energy? YES! It's time to put forth the energy to engage w/ this conflict head-on.