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3 Brainstorming Ideas

Hi there! These are just the brain storming ideas using the narrative--->moral suggestion. 


Narrative: How I serendipitously met the man who is now my boyfriend days before I was intending to move out of the city.

Tone: Drama

Moral: Happiness is an attitude/ state of mind, rather than a physical place you can seek out (a la Dororthy Gale at the end of The Wizard of Oz)


Narrative: A series of unfortunate events created and continued by my teenage sister the day of Lollapalooza 

Tone: Comedy

Moral: You cannot make assumptions about what someone is thinking, how they feel, or what they are grateful for


Narrative: Going to an all night EDM show in a loft with my cousin to watch her boyfriend DJ at 4am 

Tone: Comedy/Drama

Moral: Ultimately you can only take care of yourself. Its not your job to mother anyone (unless, of course, you have children)



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