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3 Biggest Lessons Learned

Hey Friends! =)

I have been teaching on Skillshare for over a year now, mainly within my expert fields: Music/Sound/Video Production.

Things are changing all the time in their algorithm, layout, and design of the platform.

What I did not know was that class length can have such a big impact now on the trending score (as mentioned in this class).

It seems logical though, Skillshare wants students to complete classes they start. Students that complete classes I would assume are far more likely to continue to subscribe to premium membership. This is beneficial to us all.

My 3 biggest lessons from this class are:

  1. Limit class length to around 25 minutes.
  2. Do not share too many free enrollment links openly (since class hoarders will hurt you).
  3. Try to get premium enrollments only for the first day (class discussion, email list, friends etc.)

Thank you Neil for these great insights! =)

Friendly regards,
Mike from Sweden


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